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SFCA Spring 2023
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The Staff and Faculty of Color Association at UC Merced (SFCA) had its first meeting in November 2016.  SFCA received funding from the Office of Campus Climate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Grant for the fiscal year 2017-2018 for Strategic Planning.  Staff and faculty do not reflect the current student demographics, and the affinity group wants to focus on Advocacy, Healing, and Growth.  Please contact us if you have any questions at

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Have you considered impacting campus culture, or do you want to network across campus departments?  Joining the SFCA board may be a good opportunity.  Being on the board will allow you to access campus leaders and influence change.  You will also receive an appointment letter from the Vice Chancellor and Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Delia Saenz.  
SFCA has two (2) vacancies,  Review the details below:

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SFCA Leadership position vacancies:
*Co-Outreach (1  position )

*Co- Secretary (1 position)

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Events and Happenings

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Featured News

September 28, 2023

  More than half of UC Merced's population is made up of Hispanic/Latinx students. There is no shortage of ways for Bobcats to get in touch with their roots on campus, in the community and even...

Professor Rudy M. Ortiz
September 26, 2023

Physiology Professor Rudy M.Ortiz has been named a Fellow in this year's cohort of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities’ Leadership Academy (La Academia de Liderazgo). The program...

A mortarboard with a Spanish inscription is displayed at UC Merced commencement.
September 21, 2023

Merced is one of five University of California campuses designated a Hispanic Serving Institution, or HSI. (The others are Riverside, Santa Cruz, Irvine and Santa Barbara.) But what does it mean to...